1807 - Beer Act

The Act of 1807

The upper part of page one of the Act

This is an interesting little bit of Burntisland history, comprising the 4 pages of an Act passed on 1st August 1807 continuing three previous Acts (1727, 1747 and 1777) for laying a duty of two Scots pence on every pint of beer or ale sold within Burntisland, to increase the revenues of the town. The full text is available as a PDF download below, and includes such information as the fact that beer brewed for private use is not liable to duty, how the duties will be levied, and that no Beer or Ale is to be imported without giving notice to the Magistrates of the Burgh. It names the overseers of the duty, and the duration and continuance of the Act. Not in itself an unusual piece of legislation, but I came across it a while ago and thought it was an interesting wee snippet of local history, and therefore worthy of inclusion here.

Download PDF File of the 4 pages of the Act (3.2 Mb)