In Memoriam
Darrell Sweet
1947 - 1999

The Memorial Plaque

These pages came about as a result of the work of Brian Baxter, who was involved in the move to erect a commemorative plaque in the stadium where Darrell died. The photographs on both this page, and the following one, are © Brian Baxter, and permission should be sought from him before they are used elsewhere. My thanks to Brian for his permission to use these, and for all his sterling efforts to commemorate Darrell. Below are 2 cuttings, one from the Dundee Courier, the other from Fife On Line, which tell the story.

Nazareth first album cover - Darrell 3rd from left
Darrell, 2 months before his death

US Fans build memorial for Fife rock star - Dundee Courier, 22 May 2001

Devoted fans of a Scottish rock star who died of a heart attack while touring in the United States have built a memorial in his honour. Darrell Sweet, drummer with the band Nazareth, collapsed and died as he was about to go on stage at an open-air stadium in Indiana in April 1999. US-based fans of the group, which originated in Dunfermline, set up an internet website in Darrell's memory and, after being contacted by his sister in Scotland, decided to erect a plaque at the spot where he died.

Last week Darrell's sister Melanie Cameron and his mother Margaret Casey made a poignant trip to the stadium in New Albany where the plaque was unveiled in a moving private ceremony. "It was very emotional but it really helped us a lot, we feel at peace now we have been," said Mrs Cameron. "It is in a beautiful spot overlooking the Ohio River with a lovely view."

Mrs Cameron said she had been surfing the internet after Darren's death and discovered a discussion group about Nazareth with hundreds of on-line messages of sympathy. "I sent a message to everyone in the group thanking them for the messages. One chap said he had passed the spot where Darrell died and he thought it would be nice to remember him in some way."

The plaque bears Darrell's name, a carved picture of him and a message reading "Thank you for the music. May your rock always roll." It has been placed outside the performer's dressing room door at the Amphitheater stadium and is intended as a permanent shrine to the 51-year old.

Darrell, from Burntisland, was a founder member of Nazareth, which shot to fame in the 1970's. He suffered a heart attack on April 30, 1999, as the band was embarking on the second leg of a US tour. He lived latterly in Kirkcaldy with his wife Marion, son Michael, and daughter Maxine.

Darrell's mother and sister at the plaque


Fans of the late Burntisland rock star Darrell Sweet have erected a plaque at the spot where he died.

Followers from across the world joined together on the Internet to raise money for the memorial to the Nazareth drummer who died two years ago while on tour in America. The idea for the commemoration was first discussed by fans on the web just months after Darrell succumbed to a massive heart attack in New Albany Indiana. And it wasn’t until his family back home in Fife spotted the hundreds of on-line messages of condolence that they realised the strength of feeling that Darrell’s death had generated.

Last week his mother, Margaret Casey, and sister Melanie Cameron made their first trip to the place where the 51-year-old died to see the plaque installed as a permanent shrine for fans to visit. Bearing Darrell’s name, a carved picture and a message which reads ‘Thank you for the music, May your rocks always roll’, the memorial has been erected outside the performers’ dressing room at the open air stadium. Darrell, who latterly lived in Kirkcaldy, died just hours before he was due to go on stage in front of 12,000 fans.

‘‘It was very moving to go to the place where Darrell died but it was lovely for me and my mum to see such a fitting memorial permanently in place,’’ said Mrs Cameron. ‘‘I was really surprised when I found out that the band still had such a huge following in America, Canada and in Europe. Some of Darrell’s fans have become good friends since he died.’’

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