In Memoriam
Darrell Sweet
1947 - 1999

The New Albany Stadium
The New Albany Stadium

This is the New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater. It is in a park on the banks of the Ohio River in New Albany, Indiana. Nazareth had just arrived here to do a concert when Darrell started to feel ill. Paramedics were called but before they arrived he suffered a massive heart attack at the backstage area where the tour bus was parked. On April 30, 1999 the stands were full of people and also blankets spread out on the lawn in front of the stage in preparation for a night of rock and roll by Nazareth.

The backstage area
The installers arrive

This memorial was funded by fans from all over the world. They sent donations in to Brian Baxter, who designed the plaque and had it made at Newman Brothers Metalworking in Cincinnati, Ohio where he lives. After looking around for the best place to mount the plaque he decided on the short white pillar in the center right next to the dressing room door. The plaque was installed by Brummett Monument Company at the New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater in New Albany, Indiana which is where Darrell died. It was done on May 8 of 2001. Both Margaret Casey (Darrell's mother) and Melanie Cameron (Darrell's sister) were in attendance as well as Brian. His mother and sister both live in Burntisland.

The installers at work
The installers at work
The pillar before the plaque was installed
The finished article
Darrell's mother reaches up to touch the face of her son
Melanie Cameron, Margaret Casey, Maggie Hollis and Brian Baxter

Brian said "This is exactly the way I envisioned it when I started this project almost a year ago. This photo doesn't do it justice, it is truly magnificent in real life and stands out. From now on, every musician that performs there will see this and know they are standing on sacred ground. They will realize that Nazareth has the most loyal and dedicated fans in the world. Maybe that will inspire them to give a better performance and vow to treat their fans the way Darrell treated his fans." Darrell's mother said the memorial "is the most perfect thing anyone could've done as a tribute to her son".

You may email Brian Baxter or visit the list. My grateful thanks to Brian for all the photographs here, which are © Brian Baxter. Brian's permission must be sought before reproducing these photographs elsewhere on the web, though they may be copied for personal use only.

Brian posing beside what he describes as 'one of my life's most fulfilling accomplishments.'
Another view of the plaque