Below is a list of old street names and other areas of Burntisland which may prove useful. My grateful thanks for this go to two of the town's elder statesmen: Willie Gray, one-time plumber, and Jim Harvey, church elder and the town's main joiner for many years.

Street/Road Name


West Toll

Crossroads at Kirkton

Quality Street

Somerville Street

Castle O'Pox

From Castle Street to Broomhill Road. (Named after the First Royal Hotel, formerly named Caster and Pollux).


Harbour Place

Cockle Wynd

Union Street

Mill Brae

From Ged's Mill to Aberdour Road

Low Road

Shore road to Aberdour

High Road

Main road to Aberdour

East Toll

Crossroads behind J.S. school

Long Close

Lane running north and parallel to Erskine Church

Double Dykes

West end of Somerville Street to West Leven Street

Ivy Dykes

Footpath on south side of Grange Farm House.

Back Dykes

From Lothian Street to Thistle Street.

Bobby Orrock's Brae, Coffee House Brae, Forth Lane

Road from South Hill Street to Harbour Place.

Kirkton Brae

Road from Kirkton to Back Causeway

Back Causeway

Rock cutting north to Lothian Street

Tarry Dykes

Greenmount Road South

Scholar's Brae

Cliff to south of Parish Kirk

troughs (or trows)

Footpath to north of Ged's Mill

Back Lane

From Cromwell Road to Kinghorn Road

Young's Wynd

Lothian Street (made by Young of Grange Distillery through Kirkton to High Street.

Stock's Close

North Side of High Street to east of Town Hall.

Leslie's Close

North side of High Street to west of present police station.

Hopetoun Court

East end of Somerville Street

Black's Close

To east of police station, south side of High Street.

Waddel's Pend

South side of Somerville Street, nearly opposite Union Street.

High Dents

Hill north of Alexander's Monument.

Low Dents

Shore south of Alexander's Monument.

Widow's Land

North side of Kirkcaldy Road, opposite Greenmount Hotel.

Coo Park

Grazing field east of Colinswell

Sea Braes

Field west of Colinswell

Grange Park

Present housing site west of Grange Road

Kirstie Bell's Planting

Wood to north of Grange Quarry

Tinkler's Planting

Wood to north of Silverbarton Pond

Distillery Park

Present housing site north of Dollar Road

Herring Row

East Leven Street

Iron Craig, Herring Craig, Heron Craig

Former pier jutting into old Dock from north side.

Braid Hills

Fields on top of Binn, north of Craigkelly

Dunearn Doors

West of Lochy Bennet

Four Acres

North of Kirstie Bell's Planting

Lun Park

Field with ventilator off Cowdenbeath Road

Doocot Park

Field on Aberdour Road, west of Nine Lums.

Clayness, Tickleness

The Lammerlaws


Hill north of Ged's Mill

Old Brae Head

Cottages to north of Haugh

Monk's Walk

Footpath from Rossend Castle to Rossend Point

Lover's Lane

From Kirkcaldy Road to Greenmount Road North

No Thoroughfare

Land to east of cemetery

Kirk's Dyke

Boundary wall to east of Greenmount Hotel


West end of West Leven Street

Girdle Hill

Site of houses at Dick Terrace

Gallow Hill

Hill south of swimming pool

Black Jock's Hill

Hill north of the school

Red, White and Blue

Site of flagstaff on East Broomhill

Kirk Buss

Rock exposed at low tides off breakwater, south of Parish Kirk

Mill Dam

South of Shipyard football pitch, east of Leonard Hotel.

Mill Bay

West of Sea Mill, now filled with bauxite mud from Aluminium Works


Broomhill Road, and old caravan site


Turnstile at west end of Low Road

Stang Dyke

Dyke forming dam from Sea Mill to Low Road

Sea Gate

Entrance to seashore from Low Road, north end of Stang Dyke

Meadow Haugh

Site of old caravan site

Cuddies Park

High ground at east end of Links, north of putting green

Nine Lums

Row of cottages at limestone mine, on Aberdour Road

Sea Pauds

Field behind Grange Quarry


Field west of Chyl's Slack

Kittlin's Dub

Rock pool now covered by concrete promenade at Lammerlaws

Landale's Lodge

Binn House


Wood to west of Grange Farm House


Land north of reservoir (site of Cromwell's camp, July 1651)

Daniel's Brae

Hill at west end of Leven Street

St Columba's Kirk Manse

Building with portico to right of lower station entrance, Forth Place

Well's Close

Close next to Gavin's Café, from High Street to West Broomhill Road


Site of tolbooth 1616-1843, now bus stance at west end of High Street

Bank Well

Large stone cistern in woods behind cemetery

Ferguson's Pend

In Somerville Street, west of Waddel's Pend

Spice Row

From Somerville Street to Harbour Place

West Shore

Site of present shipyard

Cromwell's Dyke

Part of West Breakwater

Wally Brae

Road behind aluminium works

Dollar Road

From Grange Road to Cowdenbeath Road (formerly continuing across front of Binn to Dodhead)

Green Island

Island south of shipyard, forming part of West Breakwater

Nellfield, Jane Field

Former Coastguard Station in East Leven Street