Brankam Hill

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO299559

Standing stone or an erratic?

Kerb cairn

Another kerb cairn

The world's smallest four-poster

Cup-marked rock

The second four-poster

One of many small cairns

Brankam hill lies on the B951 Purgavie road just north-east of the village of Lintrathen in Angus. Reading up on it in Canmore is enough to make the dedicated megarak drool! Kerb cairns, four-posters, cairns, barrows.... a veritable megalithic feast. The majority of the sites are to the S, SE and E flanks of the hill. Please remember that this is private farmland, and permission must be sought before entering. This site is crying out for a proper archaelogical survey!

Visited by the Scottish Megaraks 9th February 2003.

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