River Almond Four Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN826330

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I had originally mis-named this one as Clach na Tiompan, which is in fact very close by. On a private road in Glen Almond, running north-west from the A822 in the Sma' Glen, is a group of sites including two sets of remains of four posters, and a chambered cairn. Permission must be sought to use this track.

Just SW of the track 200m past the chambered cairn, and 300m from the other four poster, lies the site of this set of stones. Here are the sad remains of what was once a four-poster, which enclosed a cairn. Only two stones now remain, though excavation of the site in 1954 found the sockets for the other two. It was dated to approximately 1600 bc.

Visited 25th April 2003.

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