Na Carraigean Four Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN839620

Happed in mist...

Getting closer

Looking south-west

Looking south

Looking east

Looking north-east

Looking north-west

This excellent little four-poster requires a bit of effort, as it's up the top of a wooded hill, situated a short way above Loch Tummel. Take the track up Glen Fincastle from the B8019 (the road past Clunie Dam) and walk up into Allean Forest. Surprisingly, the OS map tracks turned out to be relatively accurate this time, which is a bit of a first...

The stones form the corners of a 3m square, graded to the SW, where the largest (1.2m tall) stands.

It was a bit misty today, as you will see from the photographs, and I could only make the stones out when I got within around 30m. Pity, as the views are supposed to be pretty spectacular from here. I'll have to wander back on a good day!

One of this site's alternate names is Na Clachan Aoraidh, which means 'the stones of worship'. The site is just to the west of Edintian (another alternate name for the site), a local farm, whose now anglicised name in reality is Aodann an t-Sithein, 'Face of the Fairy Hill', according to Seton Gordon's "Highways and Byways in the Central Highlands".

Visited 26th April 2003.
Revisited 21st November 2004

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