Clachan an Diridh

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN925557

The stones looking north-west

The stones looking north

The stones looking south-east

The stones looking west

Clachan an Diridh means 'stones of the ascent'. A bit of walking is required to find this one. I'd recommend parking at the Festival Theatre if you can, as the road leading up towards Carra Beag starts beside here. An OS map is also a good idea! Follow the Fonab signs SW, then climb the hill using the (fairly straightforward) path system. Levelling off near the top, the circle remains are in a little clearing about 200m down on the right hand side of the path - you'll see it easily enough.

This is a beautiful place, and it was a pleasant sunny afternoon in November when the Megaraks visited. Sadly, there was evidence that some idiot had lit a small fire in the centre of the stones. Fools are everywhere, and unfortunately even remote spots like this suffer from them. However, we tidied up a bit, and the area remains a nice place to visit, as the photographs show.

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