The Faskally Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN931588

The primary stone looking to the north

The primary stone looking to the west


The circle looking east


Looking downwards into the cracked stone

The Faskally Circle lies in the grounds of a private house, just off the A924 running north out of Pitlochry. You may park at the side of the road into the row of cottages. Permission should be sought from the owner of the large house to the left as you face the row, as the stones lie in the garden of one of his cottages. A very friendly and approachable man, permission was readily granted both days we called. He has a copy of the 1908 excavation report from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquities for visitors to the site to read whilst having a look at the stones. The report states: "In a narrow strip of ground between the Highland Railway on the east and the great main road to the north on the west, is a garden, shielded from observation by a tall hedge on the roadside, and in it there are yet standing in situ the seven stones of this Circle. Never surely, was the pre-historic past brought so closely into contact with the steam power and motor traffic of the twentieth century. In addition to these more or less disturbing conditions, we are told that, during the most recent government survey, the men of the theodolite arrived at the conclusion that this little circle is really the centre of Scotland".

This is a circle of 8 stones with a diameter of approximately 6.5m, graded towards the primary stone at the SSW side of the circle, which is the most interesting. It has been cloven into 3 pieces, all of which remain upright, at some time in the past. Legend has it that this was caused by a lightning strike, although prosaically it is more likely to have been frost damage. Visited en masse by the Scottish Megaraks 18th November 2000, revisited by the SM 9th November 2003. Thanks to the owner for the postcard of the site in spring!

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