Ferntower Four Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN874226

Remains of the four poster and outlier

The outlier, plus displaced stone of the four poster

The outlier and displaced stone

The remains of the four poster

Cup mark (centre) on one of the stones of the four poster

General view across the four poster towards the outlier

Situated on Creiff Golf Course, on the second fairway (entitled, with the usual stunning originality displayed by golfers, 'Druids'), this site is the remains of a four poster with an outlier to the east. One of the stones has been moved at some time in the past, and now lies beside the outlier, but the remaining three demonstrate the original outline quite well. A single cup mark adorns one of the stones. Ask at the club house first, permission is generally granted without much fuss.

Visited 1st June 2003

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