The Tigh-Na-Ruaich Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN975535

The circle looking SSE

The circle looking north

The circle looking east

Turn off the A9 at Ballinluig, and take the first left, heading north along the route of the old A9. This road then becomes a dead-end, with a small garden nursery (Tynreich) at the end of it. The name is an anglicised version of the original, meaning 'the house of the heather'. Ask permission to visit, we found that it is more than readily granted. The owner of the garden nursery is knowledgable about the circle, and is a good guardian of this lovely little site. A six stone circle, not much over 7m in diameter, graded towards the SSE (Burl states SSW) where the largest stone leans heavily inward. An early excavation in 1855 is said to have unearthed four clay-coloured urns containing funerary remains, which were broken during their removal. They were said to have been 2' in height and 1' in diameter. Burl also states that flat slabs may have been lifted, possibly the sides of unrecognised cists. Certainly a couple of areas within the circle sounded 'hollow' when stamped on! Visited by the Megaraks on 13th October 2002, some of whom may be spotted in the photographs. A splendid little circle, well-preserved.

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