Clach Na Tiompan Four Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN830327

The west face of the remaining upright stone

Stump in the foreground, upright in the rear

A side view of the upright and stump

The remains of a third stone now recumbent and almost buried..

On a private road in Glen Almond, running north-west from the A822 in the Sma' Glen, is a group of sites including two sets of remains of four posters, and a chambered cairn. Permission must be sought to use this track.

About 3 km up the track, the first of this group to be encountered is the remaining standing stone of a four poster. This stone stands around 50m to the SE of the chambered cairn, visible in the background in one of the photos. It is around 1.4m in height, and about 0.7m in width at the base. I initially misinterpreted it as a single standing stone, but further reading and a revisit on a Scottish Megarak outing revealed the stump of a second stone (I had misinterpreted this as field clearance, not realising it was earthfast) 5m east of the survivor. Hidden down in the turf again about 5m south lies a recumbent pillar which was probably part of the group. I have uploaded 3 photos, 2 showing the relationship of the survivor and stump, and one showing the recumbent with turf peeled back (thanks, Milgi!).

Visited 25th April 2003, revisited 1st June 2003.

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