Scottish Megarak Meet

Pitlochry Area, 18th November 2000

Faskally in the rain: L-R Cath and the Alligators

Faskally in the rain

L-R Cath,Mrs Alligator, & Alligator

The girls wait as the photographs are taken

Hanging about at Dunfallandy whilst Alligator adjusts his aperture

L-R: Irene, Cath, Jeannie and Mrs Alligator

Spiritual home of the Scottish Megaraks - pudding heaven!

The Moulin Inn - famed for its puddings!

Scottish Megarak Meet - October 2000

Irene, Martin, Alligator and Mrs Descartes, and myself and Cath, plus Jeannie Sutherland representing the USA contingent, got together to drink beer, eat food and talk rubbish. Oh - and we looked at some lumps of rock as well. We met at Old Struan parish church and had a look at the Pictish symbol stone in there. We were particularly impressed with the way some moron had helpfully coloured-in the double-disc and Z-rod symbol with a magic marker to make it stand out more clearly. Nice one, that prat!

Then we went down to the circle in someone's back garden at Faskally Cottages. The lady there looked (not unreasonably) a little concerned at five cars filled with weirdoes... I mean stones enthusiasts... suddenly arriving in her driveway. But I sweet-talked her and offered flowers and chocolate and she let us wander through her garden. Cath mused later that it was a sad indictment of the group that I was considered the most "normal looking" and therefore might have most success if I went to the door....

Then we retired to the Moulin Arms and commandeered the blazing fire and drank their fine ales brewed at the back of the pub. And there were puddings!. We were greatly warmed and cheered.

There was later much hilarity and nose-pulling as Alligator tried to get a decent picture of the Dunfallandy Pictish cross slab and Jeannie - who steadfastly refused to be baffled by the Scottish accents - was subjected to the fearsome onslaught of Aberdonian speech.

We enjoyed ourselves...everyone else can take their chances. If you weren't there you probably had less fun.

Thanks to Martin McCarthy for his memories of this affair....

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