Clach na Tiompan Chambered Cairn

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN829328

The SE end of the chambered cairn

View across one of the chambers on the SW edge

A small kist in the centre

Viewed from the NW end

General view, showing the modern additions...

On a private road in Glen Almond, running north-west from the A822 in the Sma' Glen, is a group of sites including two sets of remains of four posters, and a chambered cairn. Permission must be sought to use this track. First of the three to be encountered is the Clach na Tiompan four poster, and about 50m past it on the north side of the track is the cairn.

A large chambered cairn, but very ruinous now. Enough remains that the general shape and size can be made out. It was excavated in 1954, when it was measured at 190 feet in length, with width varying from 38 feet at the SE to 20 feet at the NW - it is oriented along a SE-NW axis. Four lateral chambers were noted from the SW side. Even in its present condition it is quite impressive, although walkers in the Glen have started a small cairn near the SE end, visible in the photographs. 200m beyond the cairn are the remains of the River Almond four poster.

Visited 25th April 2003.

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