Loch Tummell Ring Fort

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN863601

Looking west across the fort toward the main entrance

Looking into the main entrance remains

The main entrance looking west to Loch Tummell

Part of the northern wall

Off the B8019, into the car park and follow the main track up to where it branches and take the ENE fork. This has variously been described as a homestead, a dun, a fort and a ring fort, the last by the Forestry Commission information board at the site. The walls are around 3m thick, and defense is what immediately springs to mind. The 24m diameter seems far too big for it to be domestic, particularly given its location. It sits in a splendid site high above Loch Tummel, guarding a strategic path through the hills, and is reminiscent of the forts around Glen Lyon. The western entrance opens onto a spectacular view down the loch. Well worth a revisit on a sunny day, I think.

Date visited 21st November 2004

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