Gray Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO022118

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Also known as Battle Of Duncrub, Knowes, Grey Stone, Maormar, and The Old Man.

Closely linked with the Dunning Stone, in 965 A.D. the Battle of Duncrub was fought on land to the north of the village. This stone is supposed to mark where the Mormaor (Steward) of Atholl died of his wounds, following this battle.

Had a long blether with the farmer here at the stone today, after asking his permission to photograph it. Lovely bright day, you could see hilltops 40 miles away to the north. A little history of the town states that the field it stands in is known as the Thane's Field, but the farmer (who is the 8th generation of this family to farm here) says it's always been known on the farm as simply the 'Big Stane Field'. More prosaic, but eminently practical.

It's a decent size, easily 6 feet tall and a yard broad. And what a view!

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