The Kindallachan Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN993502

The stone looking west (Irene examining lichen formations)

The stone looking north-east

The possible remains of a circle nearby

Kindallachan lies just to the east of the A9 a few miles north of Dunkeld. The stone lies in a field adjacent to the A9, and there is plenty space to park nearby. The stone itself is fairly unremarkable, standing approximately 1.5 m tall. It is known locally as the 'Druid's Stone'. The area itself is interesting, however. The Megaraks visited on 13/10/02, and on investigating the nearby area found traces of what we believe to have been a stone circle close by this standing stone - was it an outlier? Four stones remain (I have marked the 3 visible ones on the lowest photograph), and a local man we spoke to said that his neighbour had paced these stones out - they were precisely 14 of his paces apart. They lie in an eastern arc, at approximately NN995503. The area before them is flat, and although our cursory examination revealed no further stones, I intend to return and subject this one to a closer scrutiny! The putative circle remains lie within a natural amphitheatre, and is bounded by a stream to the east. An interesting site, and one which may repay further study. There is no information about this particular site in Canmore.

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